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Our Goal

Our primary goal at CPAC is to elevate Physician Assistants and Medical Professionals to new heights, and create a path toward a successful and fulfilling life and career.
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Kasey Drapeau-D’Amato and Katherine Wilkens are both highly motivated, goal oriented individuals. It is their primary goal to make a difference with both their patients and the future of medicine. As they consulted with one another over the years regarding patient care, PA practice and inevitably compensation packages, it became clear that they had unique insight that they could share with others to strengthen the PA-MD team. Katherine has been Kasey’s primary consultant since 2008 and became partner of CPAC in 2011. Combining their skills and knowledge base with over 16 practice years of patient care and business management, they have the unique ability to help MD’s and PA’s create a strong and successful patient care team.

Kasey D'Amato, PA-C

Kasey Drapeau-D’Amato PA-C, MPAP founded Certified Physician Assistant Consulting in 2009, and is a passionate, Physician Assistant who truly loves the career path she chose. Kasey finished her pre-med undergraduate degree in 3 1/2 years and at that time decided that she wanted to pursue the path to becoming a PA. Kasey was accepted into the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine PA program where she completed her studies and has been working as a Physician Assistant in Southern California since that time. Kasey believes wholeheartedly that a strong medical team leads to high patient satisfaction. After having the opportunity to meet and network with hundreds of her peers over the years she was dismayed to see how little Physicians and PAs understood about the value of a team approach to medical care. Some PAs have little to no supervision, while others are treated as a medical assistant or aesthetician. This is not the design of a profession deemed “Physician Extenders”.

Katherine Wilkens, PA-C

Katherine Wilkens, PA-C, MHIS, MPAP is a certified Physician Assistant who has devoted her career to science and medicine. Katherine graduated high school early to allow her to begin her studies in medicine and Health Information Systems at Loma Linda University, where she would ultimately earn her Master’s Degree in this field at a very young age. She anticipated many of the changes that we see in Healthcare today. Since the completion of her studies, Katherine has played a vital role in major healthcare organizations, where she has done database mergers and technical support. Her interests in healthcare have allowed her to stay abreast of cutting edge trends in technology , and it’s overall impact on health care. Katherine has always had a vision of combining health care and technology to build the most effective and efficient opportunities for patient care.

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