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Our primary goal at CPAC is to elevate Physician Assistants and Medical Professionals to new heights, and help them create a path toward a successful and fulfilling life and career.
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Kasey D’Amato and Katherine Wilkens founded Certified Physician Assistant Consulting in 2009 after 6 years of clinical and medical practice management experience. Kasey and Katherine are both Physician Assistants with over a decade of experience with PA salary structures, contract features, career advancement, and business ownership experience. Kasey is also a certified life and career coach and is dedicated to helping others achieve increased overall career satisfaction. Kasey and Katherine have been the leading experts with Physician Assistant Salary Structures since 2009 and also work with PA, NP, and MD colleagues on issues such as career burn out and career transitions along with general business consulting services and have successfully coached many medical professionals through challenging career transitions. Kasey has spoken at dozens of local and national conferences over the past decade on topics including PA Salary Structures, Elements of PA Contracts, Negotiation Strategies, and Entrepreneurship and Business Skills. Some of the conferences she has spoken at include: Society of Dermatology PAs, Alabama Society of Dermatology PAs, Georgia Society of Dermatology PAs, Illinois Society of Dermatology PAs, Illinois Society of Physician Assistants, Elevate PA-NP Conference, and many others.

Kasey and Katherine have published numerous articles on the topic of PA salary structures and other professional development topics in many PA journals such as: American Academy of Physician Assistants Journal, Practical Dermatology, California Society of Physician Assistants Journal, and many more.  Kasey and Katherine’s unique experience as top performing PAs, business owners, practice managers, and Kasey’s experience as a certified life coach provides them with unique insight, unlike anyone else in the industry, to help medical professionals reach new heights, especially with career satisfaction.

Kasey D'Amato, PA-C

Kasey D’Amato is a passionate Physician Assistant and Life and Career Coach who has committed her life to helping others. Despite her many other business and entrepreneur ventures, she remains committed to Certified PA Consulting and serving her community of peers. Her vast prior personal business successes and personal career obstacles allow her the ability to relate to each and every client at whatever stage they are at in their career path, and allow her the ability to strategically coach and guide clients to get to the next level in their personal career path or business stage.  Her passion is elevating others to new heights and allowing others to recognize their own personal goals, recognizing the obstacles in their way of reaching their goals, and helping others to create a road map to overcome those obstacles to reach new heights in their overall career satisfaction. Kasey donates as much time as she can to helping others and frequently provides access to information in her blog, online discussion forums, Facebook Live events, and regular free webinars.

Kasey received her Bachelor of Health Science degree from University of Miami in 1998. She received her Master’s degree in Physician Assistant Practice from University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine in 2003. She started her first business in 2009, her second business in 2013, her real estate portfolio in 2015, and became a certified life and career coach in 2019. She lives in Maine and South Florida seasonally with her husband, big lazy dog, and cat and frequently travels to other parts of the country for extended periods of time.

Katherine Wilkens, PA-C

Katherine Wilkens, PA-C, MHIS, MPAP is a Certified Physician Assistant who has devoted her career to science and medicine.  Katherine graduated high school early to allow her to obtain her Masters in Health Information Systems from Loma Linda University at a very young age. She anticipated many of the changes that we see in Healthcare today. In the past, Kathy has played a vital role in major healthcare organizations where she has provided database mergers and technical support.

Katherine currently practices Dermatology in Northern California in a private practice setting. She serves as the Clinical Administrative Manager for 2 separate offices located in Sonoma, and Santa Rosa CA.  Katherine has maintained additional clinical skills by continuing to work in the ER & Urgent Care Settings. She has vast knowledge of both private practice and hospital-based business structures. 

Katherine obtained her second Masters degree from USC’s Keck School of Medicine  in Physician Assistant Practice in 2003.

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Danielle Spatholt, PA-C


Danielle Spatholt MSBS, PA-C, is a physician assistant with a wide variety of experience in medicine. She currently practices dermatology at a large academic medical center in Cleveland, Ohio, and she also has experience in surgical subspecialties and urgent care medicine. She has dedicated her career to teaching and guiding new healthcare professionals. She received the “Preceptor of the Year” award from Cleveland Clinic in 2020 and from Lake Erie College of Medicine in 2019. She leads new PAs and NPs in a “Transition to Practice” program for hospital-based specialties to get exposure to dermatologic diagnoses. She also created a training regimen to support newly hired PAs and NPs.

Danielle received her Bachelor of Science degree from Kent State University in 2010. She completed her Master’s degree of Biomedical Sciences-Physician Assistant from the University of Toledo in 2012. She enjoys gardening and travelling with her husband in her spare time.


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