Business Boot Camp

Are you a Physician Assistant or medical provider interested in learning more about business?  

Are you thinking of starting your own practice, telemedicine business, non-clinical business, or side hustle?

Did you start a business and want to learn how to increase awareness, revenue, and take it to the next level?

Do you want to start a business but wonder if business ownership is right for you? Join Business Boot Camp!

CPAC's Business Boot Camp Online Course
is exactly what you need to learn
important fundamental business knowledge
to master the business owner mindset!

Are you worried that you don’t have enough business sense, or never took a business class in college?  Is that holding you back?  Don’t worry!  Business Boot Camp will help teach you everything you need to start your clinical or non-clinical business as a PA!           

Have you already started your business? Business Boot Camp will teach you proven strategies to accelerate your business growth! 

Do you have what it takes to become a business owner? Find out now!

Business Boot Camp is a 4+ hour online course that you can watch at your own pace in an all-new on-demand format!  This amazing business Masterclass consists of 2 info-packed modules, that will teach you fundamental business knowledge such as:

  • Understanding the “Business Mindset” and what it takes to start your own business
  • Basic business finance and corporate structure every business owner needs to understand
  • How to track data and the importance of your business’ analytics
  • Marketing 101, including how to attract customers and growth strategies
  • Proven habits and skills all business owners need to develop to run a successful business
  • And much more!

Your registration in Business Boot Camp also includes:

  • A Mastery Workbook which will be your blueprint for starting your business, creating your business plan, and mapping out your business success strategy.
  • Access to the Business Boot Camp Private Facebook Group where you can get support and expert tips along your journey.
  • Plus, gold and diamond members have access to course modules for one year, bonus workshops, and special pricing on private coaching.

Business Boot Camp is back in an all-new On Demand format!

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Looking to start or expand your business right now?

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