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Are you someone who wants more out of life? Do you feel stuck in your career? Do you feel exhausted at the idea of working in your same role long term? Have you found yourself dreading getting up and going to work each day?  You are not alone. Getting caught up in the “race” of life happens to the best of us and seeking “more” is a normal reaction for many successful professionals and overachievers. Many professionals also reach a point in their career where they feel burnt out. There are a variety of reasons for this feeling. Sometimes it is a sensation of lack of progress, sometimes it is a feeling that every day is too routine and boring without any variety, sometimes it is a feeling of lack of workplace respect or independence, and sometimes it is fear of making change and holding on to the certainty of a regular paycheck.

The team at Certified Physician Assistant Consulting understands these complex emotional states and has 35 years of combined experience coaching medical professionals to get past the feeling of being struck, trapped, frustrated, or demotivated by work. There are a variety of tools and strategies that can be used to overcome these life and career roadblocks and get you back on track to fulfillment. Don’t waste another day feeling lost, confused or burnt out, and start working with the CPAC coaches and create a path to happiness!

Select from the Services and Products below and choose between Private Coaching Sessions, Group Programs, and On-Demand Courses, or Contact Us for more information.

PLEASE NOTE:  For the Change Your Life (45 Day) Program and Life & Career Coaching Single Session or 3 Pack, if you would like to request that Kasey D’Amato be your coach please email us at and an additional $300 per session will apply and be billed separately.

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