COVID-19 Staff Morale

The US healthcare industry is facing uncertain times, and many dermatology offices around the country have been impacted by COVID-19. Lack of patients, nervious staff, and government shutdowns have forced hundres of dermatology practices to either temporarily shut down or limit patients to telemedicne or urgent cases only. More unsettling is that nobody know how […]

Road Map to Success

Many dermatologists work hard to build up a successful practice and patient following and want to grow their business to the next level but find themselves at a crossroads when considering their next hire. Does it make sense to hire a fellow MD or perhaps consider hiring a dermatology PA? Every practice owner is different, […]

Long Term Goals

Is is common for business owners and entrepreneurs outside of medicine to evaluate their “exit plan” at the time of starting their business. In fact, many entrepreneurs work backwards and grow their business to make sure they get to their final desired outcome. However, in medicine, practice owners don’t always think about their exit when […]

Journal of Dermatology for Physician Assistants

Is There a Glass Ceiling for PAs? If you have been to a conference or networking event lately, this topic has probably come up between you and your PA colleagues. At one moment you’ll be speaking to a PA who earns an annual salary of $80,000, and the next moment you’re speaking to a PA […]

Patient Satisfaction CAPA News

How to Ensure Patient Satisfaction During a 10-Minute Encounter Medical providers often underestimate the importance of patient satisfaction. Executives in corporate settings understand the value and impact personal recommendations can make in the success or failure of a product. If one extraverted person likes your product, that could lead to significantly increased sales for your […]

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