Physician Assistants

Supervising Physicians

Can you help me prepare for my upcoming interview?

Absolutely! Preparing for an interview can be stressful, especially as a new graduate. We'll make sure you are fully prepared both for what might be asked of you and what you should ask a potential SP.

Can you help with my upcoming contract renewal?

Yes! Contract renewal is a necessary evil, but may not be such a bad thing. This is the time to show what you are worth to a practice and brainstorm ways to become even more productive. We will help you negotiate for the most optimal contract that can be a win-win for you and your SP!

What are the latest professional trends in my specialty?

Trends vary across specialties. This depends on outside influences such as Insurance reimbursement changes, Resident or physician shortages, etc. We encourage you to catch our free webinars or sign up for a personal consultation to see how current trends affect you!

How do I know if I am being treated fairly?

From time to time, step back and evaluate your work environment to be sure it is a place you feel safe and secure. Look at your daily duties and your overall job satisfaction. It's important to be educated in current trends in the PA workplace to see where you fall. Our one on one consults will answer all of your questions to determine if you are being treated fairly.

What can a PA do in my office?

PAs can provide most of the same services a physician can provide, but always have to have adequate supervision. The supervision laws vary by state and usually do not require the supervising physician to be physically onsite for most services. We can help you determine if a PA is right for your office, and how they can boost your productivity!

What is the difference between a PA and an NP?

The education is quite different. NPs are trained as nurses (RNs) and then continue for additional training to become NPs. PAs are trained in the medical model similar to physicians. The pre-requisites for PAs to apply to an accredited program are similar to the pre-med requirements. Most PA programs are Master’s level programs.

Can a PA write a Rx?

In most States, PAs can write or transcribe prescriptions or drug orders.

How much supervision is necessary? Can my PA see patients and perform minor surgical procedures when I am out of the office?

This will vary by state. Majority of states will allow PAs to perform minor procedures as long as their SP is available by electronic communication.

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