Life and Career Acceleration

Are you someone who wants “more” out of life? Are you happy with your life but can’t help wondering what else is out there? Could you be happier? Or more fulfilled? Or more successful? Do you find yourself excited about a lot of different things but not sure where to start? Or wondering if any of your ideas are worth pursuing? Getting caught in the race of life happens to the best of us and seeking “more” is a normal reaction for many successful professionals and overachievers.

The team at Certified PA Consulting has over 35 years of combined experience coaching professionals on how to navigate both personal and professional goals, maximize time management and efficiency to allow goals to be accomplished, and determine how to balance multiple interests for maximum success and satisfaction. Kasey and Katherine use proven coaching tools to identify your specific needs and what you want out of life and help you create a step by step road map to happiness and fulfillment.  Are you eager to bring your dreams to life sooner than later -work with the CPAC coaches to create your road map to the life you want!

Select from the Services and Products below.  Choose between Private Coaching Sessions or Mastermind Group programs, or Contact Us for more information.

Private Coaching

  • LIFE & CAREER COACHING (Single Live Session)

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  • IGNITE YOUR LIFE (3 Live Sessions)

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  • ELEVATE YOUR LIFE (12 Live Sessions)

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  • CHANGE YOUR LIFE (6 Live Sessions)

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Mastermind Group Programs

High Achievers Club

The High Achievers Club

This exclusive Mastermind Program is only for the ”high achievers” who truly want to make the necessary changes in their life to achieve ultimate life & career happiness and success! The High Achievers Club will keep you accountable in your journey toward achieving your goals, and is a fantastic way to network with like-minded individuals who share a common goal: to live your best life. If you have goals and a strong desire to achieve them, the High Achievers Club is for you! Click the button below to Learn More.

Masterclass Courses

Master the Boss Mindset

Master the Boss Mindset Negotiation Masterclass Program

This top rated Masterclass program for PAs will teach you how to negotiate your salary and contract terms with confidence and clarity! Learn how to achieve the salary you deserve and get the most from your PA career. Learn how to set your personal life and career goals, and create your own roadmap to happiness and success.  This Masterclass meets the requirements for Cat 2 CME. Click the image or button below to learn more and register today.

Business Boot Camp - On-Demand

Are you a PA thinking of starting your own practice or business? Do you want to take your existing business to the next level? Business Boot Camp will teach you important fundamental business knowledge and proven success strategies to get your clinical or non-clinical business off the ground and running! Do you have what it takes to be a business owner? Find out in Business Boot Camp. Exciting options allow for participants to view course materials up to one year and learn at their pace! Click the image to learn more and start your business as a PA today!