Are you someone who is uncomfortable with the negotiation process? Are you unsure how to value your worth to your employer? Negotiating can be an intimidating process and can stop some people in their tracks from having a conversation that can lead to $1000s and sometimes $10,000s of increased salary per year! 

The team at Certified PA Consulting has over 35 years of combined experience with PA and NP salary and negotiation consulting. The President, Kasey D’Amato, is a PA and has experience as a practice administrator, business owner and career coach. Kasey custom developed “Master The Boss Mindset” a 6+ hour Live Video Masterclass program to be broken down into 4 easy to follow modules along with a 20 page workbook to help you organize they key take aways, and help you easily create the road map to a successful outcome for your personal situation. 

Module 1: Master the Success Mindset and Negotiate Like a Boss

Module 2: The Salary Equation: What Salary Structure Works Best for Me  

Module 3: How to Bring More Value, Earn More Respect and Resolve Conflict Like a Boss

Module 4: ALL NEW FOR 2021!  Navigating the PA Contract

This 6 Hour Masterclass Program is important for any medical provider, especially those getting ready for their negotiation conversation. The program will teach you how to think like a business owner and anticipate what your practice owner will say before they say it! Remember that there are only 3 outcomes to all negotiation conversations: ACCEPT, PRESENT A WIN-WIN, or PLAN AN EXIT. 

This LIVE “Master the Boss Mindset” Negotiation Masterclass Program is COMING FEBRUARY 2021!




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