Masterclasses, Boot Camps, and Mastermind Programs

Masterclasses, Boot Camps and Mastermind Programs are a great way to learn the tools, skills and knowledge you need to overcome any challenge, and will help you take your life and career to a whole new level!

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New PA Grad Workshop

New PA Grad Workshop and Coaching Bundles

Congratulations on becoming a Physician Assistant! As you prepare for your new career, are you confused about the contract you're about to sign? Are you curious to know how much value you can provide your practice as a new PA, if you have room to negotiate, what terms to avoid, and when to settle and gain experience vs. hold out for the perfect job? 

Don't miss the New Grad Salary Negotiations & Elements of a Contract 1.5 Hour Workshop and Black Friday Bundles including Private Salary Consult Session with or without Contract Review and Master the Boss Mindset Enrollment. Click the image to learn more and take advantage of these exciting offerings for new PA grads! 

Master the Boss Mindset

Master the Boss Mindset Negotiation Masterclass Program - On-Demand

Do you feel stressed or intimidated when it comes to negotiating your salary or contract terms? Do you want to take your PA career to the next level? This Masterclass will teach you how to negotiate like an expert with confidence and clarity to achieve the salary and contract terms you've worked so hard for! Plan your roadmap to a happy and successful life and career - help achieve your goals and learn to think like a "boss" in this top-rated Masterclass for PAs! Registration is now open! Click the image to learn more and take advantage of special pricing, bonus modules, and more!

Business Boot Camp - On-Demand

Are you a PA thinking about starting your own practice or business? Do you know if you have what it takes to run a successful business? Are you looking to take your current business to the next level? Business Boot Camp will teach you important, fundamental business knowledge and proven success strategies to get your business off the ground and running! Do you have what it takes to be a successful business owner? Find out in Business Boot Camp! Click the image to learn more about this incredible boot camp and start your business as a PA today!

The FREE 5-Day Challenge

As we enter the new year, do you wish you had better control of your finances? Your career? Your relationships? Your life? This FREE 5-Day Challenge program will help you make the changes you need to take control of your life and career, set resolutions and achieve your goals. Improve your mindset, time management, work-life balance, health, relationships, finances, and more! Join us January 10 for 5 days, 5 videos, 5 activities, and 1 challenge - to live your best life in 2022! Click the image to learn more and join our free program.

Do you want to achieve the next level in your PA career but are confused about what to do first? Private coaching may be your answer! Available in single sessions or packages in the categories of life & career coaching, salary negotiation, or starting a business. Click here to visit our private coaching page to learn more and get started today.