Masterclasses, Boot Camps, and Mastermind Programs

Masterclasses, Boot Camps and Mastermind Programs are a great way to learn the tools, skills and knowledge you need to overcome any challenge, and will help you take your life and career to a whole new level!

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Physician Assistant Side Hustle Webinar

How to Grow a Business or Side Hustle

Are you a PA thinking about starting or growing a side hustle or business? No matter if it's a clinical or non-clinical income stream, you'll want to learn the tips and tricks from this panel of successful PA business owners! Click the image to learn more about this FREE Webinar!

Business Boot Camp - On-Demand

Are you a PA thinking about starting your own practice or business? Do you know if you have what it takes to run a successful business? Are you looking to take your current business to the next level? Business Boot Camp will teach you important, fundamental business knowledge and proven success strategies to get your business off the ground and running! Do you have what it takes to be a successful business owner? Find out in Business Boot Camp! Click the image to learn more about this incredible boot camp!

Master the Boss Mindset

Master the Boss Mindset Negotiation Masterclass Program - On-Demand

Do you feel stressed or intimidated when it comes to negotiating your salary or contract terms? Do you want to take your PA career to the next level? This Masterclass will teach you how to negotiate like an expert with confidence and clarity to achieve the salary and contract terms you've worked so hard for! Plan your roadmap to a happy and successful life and career - help achieve your goals, and learn to think like a "boss" in this top rated Masterclass for PAs! Click the image to learn more about this amazing Masterclass Program!

High Achievers Club

The High Achievers Club

This exclusive 8 Week Mastermind Program is only for the ”high achievers” who truly want to make the necessary changes in their life to achieve ultimate life & career happiness and success! The High Achievers Club will keep you accountable in your journey toward achieving your goals, and is a fantastic way to network with like-minded individuals who share a common goal: to live your best life. If you have goals and a strong desire to achieve them, the High Achievers Club is for you! Click the image to learn more.