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Are you someone who likes to research a lot before you take action?  Are you looking for information about how to achieve the next level in your career, but you are still confused about what to do first or how to approach getting started? Are you ready to act once and for all and are wondering how to build your confidence and create your action plan to move forward?

Certified PA Consulting Coaches and Consultants have over 35 years of combined experience coaching medical professionals and have published articles in many journals on the topic of negotiation and career satisfaction. Kasey is a certified life and career coach and a business owner. Her passion is to help others achieve maximum happiness and fulfillment.

Do you have questions about some common professional topics such as:

Negotiation Strategies for Medical Professionals

Career Burn Out

Starting a Practice or Business

On Demand workshops are pre-recorded 30-60 min On Demand videos on a variety of topics that are designed to give you a foundation of knowledge that you can springboard from to accomplish your own personal goals. And the nice part is that you can watch them anytime from the comfort of your own home!  Purchase access to 30 days of an On-Demand Workshop today and get started on your journey to career fulfillment! 

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-PA Salary Reports-Why these tools might not be your best negotiation strategy
-How to estimate your collections if you don’t have access to published billing reports
-Personal Budgeting on a PA salary
-Navigating the World of Non-Compete Clauses
-Why some PAs generate can easily generate over $1M while others struggle to generate over $400,000
-How to avoid “job jumping” as a PA
-Salary Negotiating for New Graduate PAs
-When to “settle and accept vs walk away” from an opportunity
-Strategies to expand your job search
-How does a PA become a better leader
– PA Salary Structures
– Burnout Signs & Symptoms
– Business Start up Tips for PAs
– Non-Clinical Roles for PAs
– Negotiating and Influencing
– Tips if a Negotiation Doesn’t Go Your Way
– Marketing Yourself or Your Business
– Why Some Start-Up Businesses Fail
– Telemedicine
– 3 Skills for Successful Business
– The Importance of Self Care for PAs
– Juggling time as a busy PA
– Negotiate Salary or Schedule
– Start or Grow a Business or Side Hustle

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  • INTRO TO BECOMING A PA (30 min On Demand)

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  • group of medical workers with equipment in laboratory

    DERM PA SALARY TRENDS (45 min On Demand)

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  • BUSINESS OF TELEMED featuring Guest Speaker (60 min On Demand)

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