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Are you someone who likes to research before you take action?  Are you looking for information about how to achieve the next level in your career, but you are still confused about what to do first or how to approach getting started? Are you ready to take action and wondering how to build your confidence and create your action plan to move forward?

Certified PA Consulting’s Coaches and Consultants have over 35 years of combined experience coaching medical professionals and have published numerous articles in many journals on the topic of salary negotiation and career satisfaction. CPAC President, Kasey D’Amato PA-C, is a certified life and career coach, and a business owner. Her passion is to help others achieve maximum happiness and fulfillment.

Do you have questions about some common professional topics such as:

  • Salary and Contract Negotiation Strategies for Medical Professionals
  • Career Burn Out
  • Starting a Practice or Business as a PA
  • Non-Clinical Roles for Medical Providers
  • Other Medical Professional topics or concerns?

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