Private Consultations

Are you…
  • someone who is searching for more information about how to achieve the next level in your career but you are still confused about what to do first or how to approach getting started?
  • feeling like there is nobody there who can help you with your personal goals and help you map out a road map to success so that you don’t get stuck in a perpetual “what if” mindset?
  • ready to take action once and for all and are wondering how to build your confidence and create your action plan to move forward?
Private One on One Coaching and Consulting Sessions are designed to be approximately one-hour phone or video meeting sessions where you can comfortably and privately speak to our qualified and certified coaches to help you navigate your true career goals and help you break down your life into bite-size steps to allow you to achieve maximum success and fulfillment. 
These sessions can be customized to be one time encounters or for those who are looking for a professional coach to help them through a career transition or new business heights in their career/ these sessions are available in cost-effective 3, 6, or 12 session packages!  
Certified PA Consulting Coaches and Consultants have over 35 years of combined experience coaching medical professionals and have published articles in many journals on the topic of negotiation and career satisfaction. Kasey is a certified life coach trained to help others achieve maximum happiness and fulfillment and speaks at many professional conferences each year!
Life is too short to waste any more time wondering “what if”; purchase a one-hour private phone session with Kasey or one of the CPAC consultants today and get organized to take some real action to build the career and life that you truly want!
Are you a new PA graduate? Congratulations! We’re so excited to help you as you navigate your new career! View our New Grad Workshop and exclusive private coaching bundles (with and without contract review). 

Not sure which Private Coaching offering is right for you?

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  • BUSINESS COACHING (Single Live Session)

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  • BUSINESS LAUNCHPAD – 6 Month Coaching Program

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  • The masterminds behind a successful project

    BUSINESS CONCEPT TO CREATION 3 Months Coaching Program

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  • Business women working in office


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  • Change Your Life – 3 Month Program

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  • cropped view of patient filling medical form in professional clinic

    SALARY & NEGOTIATION CONSULTING (inc 8 pages contract review)

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  • Ignite Your Life – 45 Day Boot Camp

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