BUSINESS LAUNCHPAD – 6 Month Coaching Program



The Business Launchpad 6 Month Coaching Program will include everything in the Start Up and Concept to Creation Programs, and will challenge you to be more accountable and stay true to yourself and your ultimate goal to build a successful business.  When owning a business, you are presented with new challenges and obstacles every day, and we will be there to guide you and coach you every step of the way.

This program of 12 one hour phone meetings will provide you with tools to help you develop your business plan, overcome current obstacles, create a step by step plan of execution, and lead you towards starting and/or growing your business.

This service is perfect for:

-People who are committed to the success of their business

-People who hit a road block or obstacle with the launch of their business

-People who want to accelerate their existing business

-People who want to be accountable to their dreams and goals