The 45 Days Business Start Up Boot Camp Coaching Program is designed to help you confirm if starting your own business is truly right for you, which is the first step in making sure you will achieve success in your new venture. This package will help get you started in setting up your new business, identify what steps you will need to take, and we will coach you during these initial steps to make sure you are heading in the right direction.  This package will help you learn and prepare for what challenges and obstacles you can expect to face in the early stages of starting your business and will help you create a path to achieve happiness and success.

We will help you overcome the common fears, obstacles and beliefs that you may have while navigating these new waters of being a business owner.  We will coach you in your development of a business plan, and help guide you through the multiple facets of owning a business such as how to market your business, how to develop key performance indicators (KPIs) to track the growth and performance of your business and other aspects of building a successful and sustainable business.

This program is made up of 3 one hour phone meetings and is perfect for:

-People who are getting started

-People who want to build a strong foundation

-People who want to accelerate their existing business