High Achievers Club – Diamond



Diamond Membership – ELEVATE YOUR LIFE

As a Diamond member of the High Achievers Club you will receive:

High Achievers Club

8 Week Mastermind Program

Join Kasey D'Amato and the High Achievers Club members in 4 Bi-Weekly Mastermind Group meetings to discuss and share the key principles you will learn as you read through each section of this amazing book, and how to apply these principles to elevate your daily life.

Success Principles

Free Best Selling Personal Development Book

You will receive an Amazon e-gift card to purchase a copy of best selling personal development book "The Success Principles" by Jack Canfield that will be used during the Mastermind. You will be given a schedule of Mastermind Meetings and which sections of the book will be covered during each meeting.

High Achievers Club

Comprehensive Workbook

You will receive a comprehensive workbook that will help guide you in understanding the key principles of the book and how to apply these principles to enhance your own personal life.

Elevate Your Life - 1 Year (12 Sessions) of Private 1-on-1 Life & Career Coaching with Kasey D'Amato

High Achievers Club membership enrollment is open. Our next Mastermind group begins meeting August 24.