Entrepreneur Monthly Mentoring Program



If there was a business mentoring program that offers personalized guidance from an experienced entrepreneur and CEO, regular check-ins, and ongoing monthly support as you navigate the complexities of scaling your business…

Would you feel equipped and confident to take your business to the next level?

If you answered “yes!” then this monthly mentoring program is for you!

The Entrepreneur Monthly Mentoring Program with CPAC business expert Kasey D’Amato is designed to help you execute your business strategy and make sure you are taking the appropriate action steps to achieve your business goals.  Kasey will help you overcome your fears, obstacles and limiting beliefs that you may have while growing and scaling your business. 

In this program, Kasey will coach you and help guide you through the multiple facets of scaling a business in areas such as marketing and sales strategy, key performance indicators (KPIs) to track the growth and performance of your business, hiring and managing your team, analyzing the numbers, and other aspects of building a successful and sustainable business.

This program is perfect for medical professionals who have started a business and:

– Want to be held accountable for their success

– Want to accelerate their business growth and performance

– Understand what it takes to scale a successful business and are ready to take their business to the next level

This program is a 6 month commitment at $2,500 per month.

What's included:

This 6 month program consists of: 

A monthly, 60 minute Zoom meeting with Kasey, who will be your trusted advisor and guide helping you to make complex decisions, monitor key metrics, build a team, create & implement systems, and take the necessary next steps to scale your business and life.

A 360 Business Assessment to show you what is holding back your business, and how to leverage proven systems and processes to optimize your business.  You’ll dive deep into core business strategies to position your business for tangible and scalable growth.

Weekly Loom or Text message access to Kasey (max 3 per week) for extra support

Access to 7 Proprietary Workbooks which include proven Marketing, Sales, Financial, Operations, and Research strategies of successful businesses.

This program is a 6 month commitment at $2,500 per month.  

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