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The DIAMOND Package

Exclusive Limited Space Available
6+ Hours Live Negotiation Masterclass Program + Private 60 minute One-on-One Career Coaching Session with Kasey D’Amato + VIP Private Group Meeting & More!

4 Modules designed to walk you step by step to LEVEL UP your Career and crush your next negotiation!

Learn the methods to negotiate like an expert with full confidence! Learn everything there is about compensation packages and identify what works best for your lifestyle!  Learn basic business fundamentals to understand the Boss Mindset!  Learn the ins and outs of the PA Contract!

This invaluable Masterclass Program will teach you the knowledge and tools that Kasey has learned and used to help 1000s of Healthcare Professionals achieve a happy and successful career!

“I think the coursework you have laid out is FANTASTIC and VERY Helpful! So thank you for putting this together! Hands down worth every penny!”  – Laura, PA-C

“This is the kind of stuff they don’t teach you in PA school., but is so necessary and impactful in your career. Whether or not you are a new grad, or have been practicing for many years, this course is hugely beneficial.” – Susan, PA-C

Included in this Purchase:

Module 1 – Tuesday March 2, 2021 at 5p PST/8p EST – Master the Success Mindset and Negotiate Like a Boss

 Learn how the most successful people think, and create goals to set yourself up for success!

 Learn how to negotiate like an expert with your SP or practice administrator and be in it to win it! 

Module 2 – Thursday March 4, 2021 at 5p PST/8p EST – The Salary Equation: What Structure Works Best for Me

Learn how the most common salary structures are built, and how they benefit different needs.

This Masterclass will teach you how to identify which salary structure will meet your needs, and learn to  maximize your productivity and negotiate your ideal compensation package.

Module 3 – Tuesday March 9, 2020 at 5p PST/8p EST – Outside the Box: Bring More Value, Earn More Respect & Resolve Conflict Like a Boss

 Learn how to think outside the box and develop strategies to bring more value, earn more respect and  take on conflict with confidence. Become a problem solver and learn what it takes to become a true leader.

Module 4 – Thursday March 11, 2021 at 5p PST/8p EST – Navigating the PA Contract: The Critical Elements All Providers Need to Know 

Never scratch your head or get overwhelmed when reading your contract again! Learn and understand the key elements of your contract – what to look out for and what to negotiate.

Plus with the DIAMOND Package you will receive:  

Private One-on-One Career Coaching Session with Kasey D'Amato, PA-C

BONUS SESSION 60 Minutes VIP Group Q&A with Kasey D'Amato
(GOLD and DIAMOND members only)

Access to a weekly Q&A with Kasey

Members Only Access to Private Bossmindset Facebook Group

20+ Page Comprehensive Mastery Workbook

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