Practice Building Blueprint



The Practice Building Blueprint is a detailed program to starting and marketing a medical practice for Physician Assistants!

Do you feel uncertain about the feasibility of starting a practice and making an income?

Are you confused about the details of starting a practice?

Do you get overwhelmed with the multitude of steps needed to start your practice and accept new patients?

Are you fearful about your ability to fund the business?

It's time to say goodbye to all of your negative feelings of uncertainty, overwhelm, confusion and fear!

The Practice Building Blueprint will provide you with step by step directions to start a practice that fits YOUR lifestyle and YOUR income needs, and will provide you with personal guidance along the way!

The Practice Building Blueprint will help you feel confident, comfortable and supported in starting your own medical practice.

When you join the Practice Building Blueprint, you’ll have an expert partner with a wide network of contacts, resources, and experience in launching a medical practice to guide you every step of the way.  Having a blueprint will simplify and streamline the process so that you can start accepting patients and earning income more quickly.

The Details:

The Practice Building Blueprint is made up of 6 Modules, each designed to take you step by step through the process from starting your practice to scheduling your first patient! 

– Module 0 – “Pre-Work” – In this module we will work with you to learn about the goals, vision and needs of your practice. we help you get everything organized and provide you with the resources you will need to get started.

– Module 1 – “Create” – In this module we will guide you through a detailed checklist of everything to start a practice, including links, explanations and tips.  This includes setting up your EIN, domain name, bookkeeping, NPI, legal structure, supervising physician, board of medicine, and more. 

– Module 2 – “Finance” – Module 2 is all about setting up your finances for your practice.  We will help you with strategies for hours available and potential income scenarios, and even provide you with workbooks, sheets, and 9 different calculators for tracking key metrics such as expenses and potential revenue.

– Module 3 – “Systems” – In order to have a successful and efficient practice, you must have systems in place.  In Module 3, we will guide you through setting up your practice’s systems, and we will provide you with sample systems and templates that you can integrate into your practice.

– Module 4 – “Marketing” – The key to building a successful practice is effective marketing. In Module 4, we will teach you and help you develop a comprehensive marketing plan with an identified niche and practice statement.  We’ll cover different marketing options with links to some of our favorite services. 

– Module 5 – “Growth” – In Module 5, we’ll dive into key business principles, and we will cover everything you need to sustain a healthy practice. We will teach you methods for tracking KPIs, bookkeeping, goals, forecasts and everything you need to know to operate your practice for the long term.


The Practice Building Blueprint program includes templates and samples of all the documents and paperwork you’ll need to get your practice up and running, as well as workbooks to keep everything in your new business organized, streamlined and efficient.

The Practice Building Blueprint program consists of live monthly meetings and weekly Voxer check-ins over a course of 4 months.

The next Practice Building Blueprint program starts on October 16!  Purchase your spot now before it sells out.  Space is very limited to a small size.



Practice Paperwork Bundle is included!

Setting up paperwork can be confusing and time-consuming. The Practice Paperwork Bundle is meant to help! You'll get editable consent forms, letters, examples of patient intake forms, consent forms, visit notes, sample contracts, different types of scripts, policies, and much more!

Regulation Resource Guide

This guide provides you links to organizations and articles regarding PA Practice, ownership, telemedicine, and support to simplify your search for information while starting a practice.

Who it's for:

The Practice Building Blueprint is for PAs who want to practice medicine in a way that fits their lifestyle and their income needs.  It is for PAs who want to have control over their medical practice and their schedule, and want to be able to reach their full potential as PAs.

We do not recommend this program for new grads.  We recommend 3+ years of experience as a provider.

If you feel frustrated with the limitations of your current practice – often related to schedule, autonomy, demands, income;  

If you want to have more influence over your own career and your life without being limited by the traditional medical system;

If you want to grow as a PA and business owner;  

If you want to serve your patients in a way you feel good about;

Then Practice Building Blueprint is for you!

Meet your instructor and guide:

Kathryn Werner, PA-C

After 12 years of practicing as a PA, Kathryn found herself frustrated with clinical positions that didn't support her needs and goals as a mother and military spouse. In 2019, she created White Pine Mental Health & Wellness, a telepsychiatry practice with the goal of providing patient centered care that also supported her personal needs and vision. Since then, she has grown as a practice owner while also mentoring other PAs to realize their goals. With a focus on creating practices that serve patients while also supporting the owners, Kathryn is excited to serve as a practice consultant so that more PAs can find fulfillment in their own practices. Kathryn leads CPAC's clinical business services to help PAs start their own practice, and helps current practice owners streamline and grow their existing practice.

Regular Price:


DISCLAIMER. Although a CPAC “Consultant”, Kathryn Werner, will be providing business consulting Services for and on behalf of you, the “Client”, ultimate success of Client’s business depends on a number of other factors. Accordingly, CPAC and Consultant do not warrant or guarantee, either expressly or impliedly, the success of Client’s business either during or upon completion of the Services provided under this Agreement. The business consulting Services provided to Client are for reference purposes only and are not intended, nor should they be used, as a substitute for professional advice or judgment or to provide legal or accounting consultation or advice. Client should obtain independent verification or professional legal and/or accounting advice.  Ultimately, business success and Client’s revenue will depend on a variety of factors outside of the control of CPAC and Consultant. Please note that although many consultants and coaches advertise claims of projected revenue or income, large revenue is an unlikely result and is not typical in the first several months/year(s) of business.  Many find that the first year of business is spent seeking to establish client relationships, developing content and establishing a loyal following, however outcomes are unique to each individual client and are not guaranteed.