Are you someone who is intimated by the negotiation process? Are you uncomfortable discussing “numbers” ? With over a decade of experience, Kasey and Katherine can help you determine your best negotiation strategy, help you quantify your value to your employer and help you create a clear strategy for your custom negotiation. Every negotiation is unique based on your goals and your employer goals and we will help you determine if those goals can be aligned or if exploring other opportunities could be a better path for you to reach your goals.

This one hour phone meeting requires a brief survey to be completed ahead of time and during the meeting, you will be guided through a process of determining your goals, what you ultimately want from your career, evaluating if your current role is aligned with your goals and creating a strategy to negotiate a win-win to help propel you and your employment partner.

This service is perfect for:

-People who are intimidated by negotiation process

-People who aren’t sure how to develop their current role into the role of their dreams

-People who want to develop a clear strategy prior to their negotiation

-People who aren’t sure how to create win-win proposals

-People who are deciding between negotiating vs planning an exit