SALARY & NEGOTIATION CONSULTING (inc 8 pages contract review)



Do you need help evaluating the terms in your contract and what you need to look out for?

Do you want to negotiate for better contract terms?

With over a decade of experience, Kasey, Danielle and Katherine can help you determine your best negotiation strategy, help you understand common terms, and help you be aware of potential red flag terms within contracts.

This 75 min phone meeting requires a brief survey to be completed ahead of time, and you will provide us your contract for review.  During the meeting, we will discuss our review of your contract and any key points that will need to be addressed.  You will be guided through a process of determining your goals, what you ultimately want from your career, evaluating if your current role is aligned with your goals and help you create a strategy to negotiate a win-win outcome to help propel you and your employment partner.

This service is perfect for:

-People who want help understanding common terms in PA employment contracts

-People who are intimidated by the negotiation process.

-People who want to develop a clear strategy prior to their negotiation

-People who aren’t sure how to create win-win proposals

*CPAC consultants have over a decade of experience reviewing PA employment terms but are not employment attorneys and advise attorney review prior to signing legal contracts