360 Business Assessment & Acceleration – Weekly Consulting Program




Success isn’t purely a matter of working harder. If it were, then you’d be well beyond seven figures by now, right?! 

But what if you could hire an experienced business expert and CEO for a few hours to help you break through that growth plateau once and for all? 

Well, now you can! Through this program, you’ll learn what is holding back your business, how to make strategic decisions to optimize your business performance, and how to position you and your business for tangible, scalable growth.  

Do you feel like you’ve hit the ceiling, and can’t seem to grow your business?  Have you grown your revenue, but can’t seem to make a healthy profit?  Let’s work together, dive deep into your business, and make a breakthrough!


What you'll get:

1:1 Business Assessment and Strategy Session – You’ll get 3 hours of one-on-one business assessment and strategy sessions with Kasey where you’ll dive deep into the 6 core business strategies to optimize your business and position it for scalable growth. You can choose whether you want to tackle it all in one day, or over the course of one week.

Voxer & Loom Access – You’ll get 14 days of Voxer, Loom & text messaging access to Kasey for ongoing support to help if you get stuck or need guidance along the way!

Access to Proprietary Worksheets – You’ll get immediate access to Kasey’s proprietary worksheets, which form the foundation of your Business Assessment. Kasey will assess data that you provide based on your specific business and walk you through these in-depth during your strategy session. You will have lifetime access to them so that you can revisit these core strategies at any time.

These worksheets will cover key business areas that impact the fundamental success of your business including:

  • Clarity – where you’ll define your business and life goals, identify your target audience, and understand the specific problems your product/service solves.

  • Research – which includes market and competitor analysis.

  • Finances – where you’ll take a look at the financial health and sustainability of your business.

  • Marketing – where you’ll outline and analyze each stage of your marketing funnel and the steps of your customer’s journey.

  • Sales – where we’ll develop a solid sales strategy that maximizes your profit.

  • Team & Operations – where you’ll gain a clear understanding of your team structure and optimize time management strategies to maximize productivity and enhance team performance.

Access to Business Bootcamp – You’ll get 30 day access to the Business Bootcamp On-Demand course

What business owners & entrepreneurs are saying:

“Kasey helped me scale my business at an incredibly fast rate!”

“Kasey is a great business and life coach! It’s hard to find a successful PA entrepreneur with solid business acumen.”

“Kasey saved me so much time and brought clarity so I can take action much faster!”

Are you ready to break through and take your business to the next level? If yes, click "add to cart" and let's do this!

If you have any questions, email us at team@certifiedpaconsulting.com and we are happy to chat with you.