Certified Physician Assistant Consulting – Strategic Solutions to Common Business Concerns for Medical Practice Owners and Physician Assistants.

We Provide Strategic Solutions to Common Business Concerns for Medical Practice Owners,  Physician Assistants and NPs.

  • Understand current trends in Physician Assistant and NP salaries
  • Develop custom strategy for negotiation and mediation conversations
  • Discover job opportunities that align mutual benefits for the practice and PA
  • Learn how to operate at maximum efficiency
  • Understand how to resolve conflict quickly
  • Professional goal focused consultants for new grads, experienced providers, and medical practice owners
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About the Profession

Having been developed in 1965, the P.A. profession is still fairly young. Currently there are about 123,000 PAs nationwide registered with the American Academy of Physician Assistants. Physician Assistants are well-trained and highly educated individuals.

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Contracts & Negotiations

This is often a confusing topic for both the Physician Assistant and the Supervising Physician. Many physicians have never worked with a PA and are not sure where to begin.

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Integrating a PA in your Office

One difficulty that physicians sometimes face when considering hiring a PA is the uncertainty about the skills and potential that a PA can bring to their practice.

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