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  • Career Burn Out
  • Starting a Practice or Business
  • Non-Clinical Roles for PAs


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– CPAC President, Kasey D’Amato, PA-C discusses starting a business or side hustle and 7 common businesses that PAs start and are successful at.
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– CPAC President, Kasey D’Amato, PA-C dives into questions around life, career, fulfillment, and more…
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– Learn how job boards are not the only way PAs can find a job + 6 tools that will help you find your dream job!
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– Learn the 3 Most Important Terms of Contract for New Grads to Watch Out For
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– Learn 5 Tools to Feel Confident in Your Next Workplace Negotiation

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– Learn about PA Salaries, Exits, Work-Life Balance Q&As

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– Learn how PAs Can Gain Respect in the Workplace.
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Is It Appropriate for PAs to Have Access to Collection Reports? 
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– Private Equity Groups and PAs: CPAC President Kasey D’Amato, PA-C talks about how this Trend Affects the Negotiation Process and the Day to Day Role of the PA
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– Attention New Graduates: Learn strategies to land your first job and how to negotiate as a new grad! Plus, tips for planning for short and long term career success!
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– Learn Tools and Strategies for Physician Assistants who want to build their confidence for their next negotiation!
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Find out why people delay making an exit from their workplace and learn tools to make a decision to exit once and for all!
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– Learn how to advance your career in 90 days with these 3 mindset tools!
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– Find out the top 3 mistakes of first time entrepreneurs and how to avoid them!
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– Find out if starting a side hustle is the perfect compliment to your career as a PA, NP, or MD.
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– How to create a one-year revenue forecast for your business and life!
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– Learn how to determine if being Physician Assistant or becoming a business owner would make you more money.
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– Here’s why salary reports are just one tool to reference out of many when preparing to negotiate. 
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– Is it a good idea to negotiate as a group?
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– See how a successful PA in Florida learned how to negotiate like an expert!
-PA Salary Reports-Why these tools might not be your best negotiation strategy
-How to estimate your collections if you don’t have access to published billing reports
-Personal Budgeting on a PA salary
-Navigating the World of Non-Compete Clauses
-Why some PAs generate can easily generate over $1M while others struggle to generate over $400,000
-How to avoid “job jumping” as a PA
-Salary Negotiating for New Graduate PAs
-When to “settle and accept vs walk away” from an opportunity
-Strategies to expand your job search
-How does a PA become a better leader
– PA Salary Structures
– Burnout Signs & Symptoms
– Business Start up Tips for PAs
– Non-Clinical Roles for PAs
– Negotiating and Influencing
– Tips if a Negotiation Doesn’t Go Your Way
– Marketing Yourself or Your Business
– Why Some Start-Up Businesses Fail
– Telemedicine
– 3 Skills for Successful Business
– The Importance of Self Care for PAs
– Juggling time as a busy PA
– Negotiate Salary or Schedule
– Start or Grow a Business or Side Hustle
– 3 Things Successful PAs do Daily
– How to Get the Courage to take your Career to the Next Level
– Should Employers provide Burn-Out Programs
– 3 Reasons Side Hustles help to Avoid Burnout
– Top 3 Hurdles for most Start-up Businesses
– Why some people can work 50hrs/week easily and others can’t
– What to do if your boss asks you to make your own contract
– Feeling unfulfilled, overwhelmed or underappreciated at work?  Learn how to overcome these emotions and challenges!
– Should you sign a contract that has red flags? Learn what to do if your contract doesn’t feel right to you!

– What you should do if you are well compensated, but still feel limited and unhappy at your workplace

– How to Gain Confidence as an Entrepreneur in Clinical or Non-clinical business

– How to Know if Business Ownership is Right for You

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– Common Side Hustles for PAs

– How to Build a Successful Telemedicine Business
– 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became A Business Owner

– 10 Simple Tips to Bring Your Entrepreneur Vision to Life

– Non-Compete Vs. Non-Solicitation Clauses
– How to Make a Graceful Exit From Your Current Job Without Burning Bridges

– 10 Steps to Get Control of Your Time, Career, and Life

– 5 Clues to Determine the Best Time to Negotiate

– What Does a Win-Win Negotiation Strategy Mean?
– The Pros and Cons to a Complex Contract vs a Handshake Deal
– Should I get a raise after a certain amount of time? If so, how much? 
– 5 Tips on How to Make a Graceful Exit When Transitioning to a New Position
– Top 5 Reasons it’s Important to Understand Business as a Clinician
– 10 Tips for Career Success in 2022
– 5 Things Every PA MUST Do Before the End of the Year
– How Holiday Gift Giving Can Propel Your Career
-Need CME’s? Learn salary negotiation, business, and career success strategies for category 2 CMEs.
-How to get more time, money, and happiness in the new year!
-Does Mindset Improve Success?
– 5 Tips for New PA Grads
– How to answer questions about prior employment at your interview
-How to know if your salary is fair
– What to do if you’re a new PA but want to change specialties
– When is it burnout or time to negotiate?
– Tips to Negotiate with a Difficult Boss

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